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29 October 2007

Historia de un amor (The story of a love) by Eydie Gorme Y Los Panchos (Mexico)

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Historia de un amor (The story of a love) by Eydie Gorme Y Los Panchos (Mexico)
Translation: Laura

Ya no estás más a mi lado corazón
Your not longer by my side, (my) heart [my love]
En el alma sólo tengo soledad
In my soul I only have loneliness
Y si ya no puedo verte
and if I cannot see you anymore
porque Dios me hizo quererte
why did God make me love you
para hacerme sufrir más
to make me suffer more

Siempre fuiste la razón de mi existir
you were always the reason for my existence
Adorarte para mi fue religión
to adore you was a religion for me
Y en tus besos yo encontraba
and in your kisses I used to find
el calor que me brindaba
the heat that gave me
el amor y la pasion
the love and the pasion

Es la historia de un amor
this is the story of a love
como no hay otro igual
like there is no other
Que me hizo comprender
that made me understand
todo el bien, todo el mal
all the good and all the evil
Que le dio luz a mi vida
that gave light to my life
Apagandola despues
turning it off again
Ay! que vida tan obscura
oh! what a dark life
sin tu amor no vivire...
without your love I will not live... [I cannot live]
Es la historia de un amor
this is the story of a love



Miklós Szilas said...

Thank you so much for this page! I'm going to sing this beautiful song, so I wanted to know what it's words exactly mean. Babelfish sux. But this translation is just what I needed. ;)

There are hungarian lyrics for this song, but unfortunatly they're pretty bad. It is called "Pedro's pub" And it is about a completely other story than the original one.

So, Laura thank you.

Howard said...

What a beautiful song. I'll have to memorize it later.

Ariel said...

Great job! Thanks Laura!

Victoria said...

My mother just passed away. She & my father used to sing this all the time. It's hauntingly beautiful. I used the song for a slide/photo presentation for her memorial service and was asked for a translation. Thank you for this page.

nguyenquan26 said...

thank you so much for this translation

Ka Pete said...

Do you know if there is a recorded English version or adaptation of Historia de un amor, or an English version that may be different in content from the original but uses the same tune?

There are two versions of this song in Tagalog, one serious, another a spoof--but both are about a lover's infidelity.

yetski m said...

hi laura i am a filipina and i like this song a lot,i was supposed to ask a friend to translate this song for me and m glad i found it before he translated it for me.tnx for sharing the translation godbless.


i like the version of julio iglesia i am an avid fan of him.can u trnslate his song despues de ti?

me olvide de vivir?


Anonymous said...

Thank you very mush for the translation of Historia un amor, words are not enough to explain my gratutide...A request :
Could someone please translate the 1970 Eurovision song of Spain sang by Julio Iglesias, named "Gwendolyne" to English? As far as I can see it will be the only translation on the entire web. Yet the song is so lovely.
Best Regards.

candlight said...

Beautiful lyrics of a beautiful song. Love is like that.I don't know why true love never succeeds.

Anonymous said...

my love and i heard this song some years ago..during our courtship. Little did we know the meaning of the song..but it was our song. We parted and i still listen to this song...its just great!!! with or without her..

Anonymous said...

Same with you Anonymous. :)

The difference is that, during our relationship it was I who let him hear the song to let him know that even if we are still together I felt that our relationship are falling apart without him knowing...

Ioana Craciunescu said...

Hi, I saw your announce that you were looking for German translators, so here I am :-)