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12 October 2009

Bravo by Diego El Cigala (Diego the crawfish) (Spain)

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Bravo by Diego El Cigala (Diego the crawfish) (Spain)
Translation: Laura

Bravo, permíteme aplaudir por la forma de herir mis sentimientos
Bravo, allow me to applaud for your way of hurting my feelings
Bravo, te vuelvo a repetir por tu falso e infame juramento
Bravo, I repeat again, for your fake and infamous/vile oath
Todo aquello que sentí y en nuestra intimidad tan bello
all that what I felt and in our intimicy so beautiful (1)
Quien me iba a decir que había de volcar en sufrimiento
who tells me will turn into suffering
Te odio tanto que yo mismo me espanto
I hate you so much that even myself is astonished
De mi forma de odiar
of my way of hating
Deseo, que después de que te mueras
I wish that, after you die
No haya para ti un lugar
there is no palce for you
El infierno resulta un cielo comparado con tu alma
Hell seems like heaven compared to you soul
Y que Dios me perdone por desear
And may God forgive me for wishing
Que ni muerta tengas calma
that not even dead you have (find) peace (can rest)

(1) this sentence is incorrect in Spanish. It makes no sense...


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