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01 November 2007

Y (And) by Eydie Gorme y Los Panchos (Mexico)

Spain, Spanish, Songs, Lyrics translated into English
Y (And) by Eydie Gorme y Los Panchos (Mexico)
Translation: Laura

Y que hiciste del amor que me juraste
And what have you done with the love you swore (promised) to me
y que has hecho de los besos que te di
and what have you done with the kisses I have given to you
y que excusa puedes darme si faltaste
and which excuse can you give me when you were absent (when you were not here)
y mataste la esperanza que hubo en mi
and killed the hope that was inside me

Y que ingrato es el destino que me hiere
and how ungreatfull is the destiny that hurts me
y que absurda es la razon de mi pasion
and how absurd is the reason of my passion
y que necio es este amor que no se muere
and how fool (idiot) is this love that doesnt die
y prefiere perdonarte tu traicion
and preffers (the love) to forgive your betrayal

Y pensar que en mi vida fuiste flama
and to think that in my live you were flame (1)
y el caudal de mi gloria fuiste tu
and the flow of my glory were you
y llege a quererte con el alma
and I loved you with my soul
y hoy me mata de tristeza tu actitud
and today your attitude is killing me of sadness

Y a que debo dime entonces tu abandono
and why do I deserve, tell me, your abandoning
y en que ruta tu promesa se perdio
and in which rout (road) did your promise get lost
y si dices la verdad yo te perdono
and if you tell the truth, I forgive you
y te llevo en mi recuerdo junto a Dios
and I take you in my memory close to God

(1) when I think that you were a flame in my live

Algunas palabras - Some words

y = and
que = what, that
hacer = to do, to make
amor = love
jurar = to swear
beso = kiss
dar = to give
excusa = excuse
poder = can, to be able
dar = to give
faltar = to miss, to lack
matar = to kill
esperanza = hope
haber = to have
ingrato = ungratefull
destino = destiny
herir = to hurt
absurdo = absurd
razon = reasson
pasion = passion
necio = idiot, stupid
morir = to die
preferir = to preffer
perdonar = to forgive
traicion = betrayal
pensar = to think
vida = live
flama = flame *Llama is more common.
caudal = flow
gloria = glory
ser = to be
llegar = to arrieve, to get
querer = to want, to love
alma = soul
tristeza = sadness
actitud = attitude
deber = should, owe, must
abandono = abandoning
ruta = rute
promesa = promise
perder/perderse = to loose, to get lost
decir = to say, to tell
verdad = truth
perdonar = to forgive
llevar = to take, carry
recuerdo = memory. recordar = to remember
junto = together
Dios = God


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