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01 June 2008

Caminito (litle path) by Carlos Gardel(Argentina)

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Caminito (litle path) by Carlos Gardel(Argentina)
Translation: Anonymous

Caminito que el tiempo ha borrado
Little path that time has erased
que juntos un día nos viste pasar
That one day saw us pass by together
he venido por última vez
I have come for the last time
he venido a contarte mi mal
I have come to tell you my woes

Caminito que entonces estabas
Little path, you were then
bordado de trébol y juncos en flor
embroidered in clover and flowering reeds
una sombra ya pronto serás
a shadow you will soon be
una sombra lo mismo que yo
a shadow the same as myself

Desde que se fué
Since she/he left
triste vivo yo
I live in sadness
caminito amigo
little path my friend
yo tambien me voy
I'm leaving also

Desde que se fué
Since she/he left
nunca más volvió
she/he never returned
seguiré sus pasos
I'll follow her/his steps
caminito, adiós
little path, goodbye

Caminito que todas las tardes
Little path which every afternoon
feliz recorría cantando mi amor
I happily travelled singing of my love
No le digas si vuelve a pasar
don't tell her/him if she/he passes through again
que mi llanto tu huella regó
that my tears watered your tracks

Caminito cubierto de cardos
Little path covered with thistle,
la mano del tiempo tu huella borró
the hand of time erased your tracks
Yo a tu lado quisiera caer
I would like to fall beside you
y que el tiempo nos mate a los dos
and let time kill us both


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