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23 June 2008

La Mentira (Se te olvida) (The lie - You forget) by Alvaro Carrillo (Mexico)

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La Mentira (Se te olvida) (The lie - You forget) by Alvaro Carrillo(Mexico)
Translation: Laura (Thanks Bruce for the corrections)

Se te olvida
You forget
que me quieres a pesar de lo que dices
that you love me IN spite what you say
pues llevamos en el alma cicatrices
as we carry scars in our souls
imposibles de borrar
Impossible to erase

Se te olvida
You forget
que hasta puedo hacerte mal si me decido
that I even can hurt you if I decide to
pues tu amor lo tengo muy comprometido
as I have your love very committed (I am sure that you love me)
pero a fuerza no será
But it wont be by force (I wont force you to love me)

Y hoy resulta
And today it turns out
que no soy de la estatura de tu vida
that I am not of the height of your life that (I am not good enough for your life)
y que al dejarme casi, casi, se te olvida
and when leaving me you almost, almost forget
que hay un pacto entre los dos
that there is a pact between the both of us

Por mi parte
On my side
te devuelvo tu promesa de adorarme,
I give you back your promise to adore me
ni si quiera sientas pena por dejarme
do not even feel sorry for laving me
que ese pacto no es con Dios
that this pact is not with God

Olga Guillot

Javier Solis

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Aidan said...

Me gusta mucho tu blog, this is a great resource for people who are learning Spanish. Thanks very much.