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22 July 2008

Acabo de llegar (I have just arrived) por Fito y Fitipaldis -Album: Por la boca vive el pez (Spain)

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Acabo de llegar (I have just arrived) por Fito y Los Fitipaldis -Album: Por la boca vive el pez (Spain)
Translation: Laura

Estribillo (Refrain)
Qué te voy a decir
What am I going to tell you
si yo acabo de llegar
when I have just arrived
si esto es como el mar
when this is like the sea
quien conoce alguna esquina
Who knows any corner (any part of the sea)
Dejadme nacer
Let me be born (again)
que me tengo que inventar
that I have to re-invent myself
para hacerme pez
to become a fish
empecé por las espinas.
I started by the fishbones

Nunca lo escribí en un papel
I never wrote it on a paper
y nunca me ha encantado mi voz
and I never liked my voice very much (or my voice has never enchanted me)
y tú ahora me preguntas qué hacer
and now you ask me what to do
Y yo que siempre voy detrás del error
And I, that am always going after the mistake
que canto a lo que nunca tendré
that sing to what I wont ever have
al beso que ella nunca me dio
to the kiss that she never gave me
Dime tú qué puede saber
You, tell me what can (somebody) knows
alguien que ha pasado la vida
somebody that has spend live
buscando la melodía
searching for the melody


La vida es algo que hay que morder
Live is something to bite
y en cada boca tiene un sabor
and in each mouth it has a taste
tus huesos no los tapa mi piel
your bones are not covered by my skin
por eso siempre digo que no
that is whay I always say "no"
Ahora tengo cosas que hacer
now I have things to do
que aún me queda media vida
that I still have half live left (more half live)
para encontrar la melodía
to find the melody



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what is this song trying to say? what is the message? the part about being born and the fish? i don't understand completely