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23 November 2008

Ella y yo (She and I) by Decai -Album: Baila Morena (Spain)

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Ella y yo (She and I) by Decai -Album: Baila Morena
Translation: Laura

Ella y yo
She and I
Dos locos viviendo una aventura (1) castigada por Dios
Two crazy (person) living an affair punished by God
Un laberinto sin salida donde el miedo se convierte en amor
A maze without exit where fear becomes love
Somos marido (2), ella y yo
We are husband, she and I

Mi esposa y yo
My wife and I
Igual que ustedes compartimos en la vida un eterno amor
Like you, we share in live an eternal love
La dama perfecta, toda una belleza, ella es mi inspiración
The perfect lady, a real beauty, she is my inspiration
Somos felices ella y yo (ella y yo)
We are happy, she and I (she and I)

Amigo, ella y yo
(my) friend, she and I
Solos nos vemos de (3) escondidas para ahogar esta prohibida pasión
we meet alone secretly to suffocate (extinguish) this forbidden passion.
Y aunque tiene dueño (4), yo solo tengo un sueño, sere su protector
And although she has owner, I only have a dream, I will be her protector
Somos marido, ella y yo.
We are husband, she and I

Oye chico lucha por amor.
Listen man, fight for love
No me aconsejes en tu posición.
Dont give me advice in your possition
Quizás su marido no mande en su corazón
Maybe her husband do not rule her heart
No sabes quien es victima en la confusion.
You dont know who is the victim in the confusion
Es mi consejo lucha por amor
It is my advice, fight for love.
No, no me aconsejes en tu posicion.
No, dont give me advice in your possition
Quizas ese tipo no mande en su corazon!
Maybe that guy do not rule her heart
Tu No sabes quien es victima en esta confusion!
You dont know who is the victim in this confusion

Mi esposa y yo, somos felices,
My wife and I, we are happy
dos almas matrices, en lo que es el amor (5)
two matrix souls regarding love
por eso te entiendo y aunque sea casada no te alejes por temor,
that is why I understand you, and even if she is married, do not go away because of fear
no lo hagas no, ay! no no.
dont do it, no, ay! no, no

Amigo ella y yo
(my) friend, she and I
teniamos claro que era una locura esta relacion,
we were clear about this realtionship was madness
pero la carne nos llamaba y la cama nos hacia una invitacion,
but the flesh was calling us and the bed invited us
a solo hacer el amor, el amor
to only make love, love

ya te explique
I already explained you
cuando hay personas que se aman el amor tiene que vencer,
when there are people who love each other, love should win
y ya el marido entiende que perdio su hembra, ahora es tu mujer,
and now the husband understand that he lost his female, now is your wife
no pueden ganar los tres.
Not the three of you can win

Y te repito lucha por amor
And I repeat to you fight for love

Amigo pido perdon, yo nunca te falle,
(my) friend I apologize, I never let you down
me traicionaron las ganas de volverla a ver,
the desire to see her again betrayed me
Y aunque todavia no puedo creer
And although I still cannot believe
lo que este amargo encuentro me hizo comprender
what this encounter made me understand
pues tu tambien llegaste a ese lugar,
as you also came to this place
donde tantas veces yo la fui a buscar,
where I went to pick her up so many times
y aunque no es facil lo que voy a hacer
and although it is not easy what I am going to do
Admitiré que salí con tu mujer
I will admit that I went out with your wife
Salí con tu mujer
I went out with your wife
Sali con tu mujer
I went out with your wife
(No, yo no estoy creyendo esto)
No, I am not believing this
sali con tu mujer
I went out with your wife
(No, no)
Sali con tu mujer
I went out with your wife

Que te perdone Dios, yo no lo voy a hacer,
May God forgive you, I wont do it
Los perdi a los dos y a la misma vez,
I lost both of you, and at the same time
Ya que todo era mentira cuando ella me decia
It was all lie when she told me
que se iba de vacaciones de varano con su amiga,
that she was going on summer holidays with her friend
Me mintio, tu y ella en una cama, alli sucedio
She lied to me, you and her in a bed, there it happened
Qien sabe en cuantas ocasiones, cuantos hoteles ensució,
Who knows how many times, how many hotels did she get dirty
Tu tambien, los odio a los dos.
You too. I hate you both.

que yo soy quien mas sufro con todo esto,
that I am who suffer the most with all this
Me mata el dolor
Pain is killing me
( Fue una traicion)
It was a betrayal
Perdi un amigo por la tentacion
I lost a friend because of temptation

(1) Tener una aventura: within a love context means to have an affair.
(2) The sentence should be: somos marido y mujer (we are husband and wife).
(3) "Nos vemos de escondidas". This sentence is wrong, It should be: nos vemos A escondidas.
(4) To have owner, in this context menas that she is already promised/engaged/married to somebody.
(5) I dont understand what this sentence menas

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ILIAS said...

Hola Laura...
Thank you for your time translating the songs...I was searching for the lyrics of this song and found your blog! You doing great job ;-)
I will keep an eye in your blog every day :-)
Keep up the good work...

P.S.I like the "Don Omar Ft. Aventura" edition of this song more ;-)

TASOS said...

Nice song..And Nice translation..thnks...Don Omar is the Best...