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03 July 2010

Cama y mesa (Bed and table) by Roberto Carlos (Brasil)

Translation: Laura

Quiero ser tu canción desde el principio al fin
I want to be your song from start to end
Quiero rozarme en tus labios y ser tu carmín (1)
I want to rub your lips and to be your lipstick
Ser el jabón que te suaviza, el baño que te baña
To be the soap that makes you soft/smooth, the bath that bathes you
La toalla que deslizas por tu piel mojada
The towell that you slid over your wet skin

Yo quiero ser tu almohada, tu edredón de seda
I want to be your pillow, your silk comforter
Besarte mientras sueñas y verte dormir
To kiss you while you dream and to watch you sleeping
Yo quiero ser el sol que entra y da sobre tu cama
I want to be the sun that enters and shines over your bed
Despertarte poco a poco, hacerte sonreir
To slowly wake you up, to make you smile

Quiero estar en el más suave toque de tus dedos
I want to be in the softest touch of your fingers
Entrar en lo más íntimo de tus secretos
To enter in the most intimate of your secrets
Quiero ser la cosa buena liberada o prohibida
I want to be the good thing liberalized or forbidden
Ser todo en tu vida
To be everything in your life

Todo lo que me quieras dar quiero que me lo des
Everything what you want to give me, I want you to give to me
Yo te doy todo lo que un hombre entrega a una mujer
I give you everything what I man gives to a woman
Y más allá de ese cariño que siempre me das
And beyond that love that you always give me
Me imagino tantas cosas quiero siempre más
I Imaging so many (other) thing, I always want more

Tú eres mi dulce desayuno, mi pastel perfecto
You are my sweet breackfast, my perfect cake
Mi bebida preferida, el plato predilecto
My preferred drink, the favorite dish
Yo como y bebo de lo bueno y no tengo hora fija
I eat and drink good things and I have not fixed hours (for eating and drinking…)
De mañana, tarde o noche no hago dieta
In the morning, in the afternoon or at the evening, I make no diet

Y ese amor que alimenta a mi fantasía
And this love that feeds my fantasy
Es mi sueño, es mi fiesta, es mi alegría
Is my dream, is my party/celebration/festivity, is my joy
La comida más sabrosa, mi perfume, mi bebida
The most tasty food, my perfume, my drink
Es todo en mi vida
Is everything in my life

Todo hombre que sabe querer
Every men that knows how to love
sabe dar y pedir a la mujer
knows how to ask from and give to the woman
lo mejor, y hacer de ese amor
the best, and to make from this love
lo que come, que bebe, que da, que recibe
what he eats, what he drinks, what he gives, what he receives

El hombre que sabe querer y
The men that knows how to love
se apasiona por una mujer
falls in love with a woman
Convierte su amor en su vida
(and) makes of this love his life
su comida y bebida en la justa medida
his food and drink in the exact measurement

(1) carmín refers to the carmine colour of lipsticks, and is often used to refer to a lipstick. Nonetheless, i guess this is an old term, at least in Spain. Nowadays mostly everybody says "pintalabios".


Anonymous said...

with this song my my boyfriend told me for the first time he loves me it was so special i literally cried thankyou my love for being so wonderful

Creative Expressions said...

thank you so much for the translation!!!!:)