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12 March 2008

Cachito (Little bit/piece/part) by Nat King Cole (USA)

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Cachito (Little bit/piece/part) by Nat King Cole (USA)
Translation: Laura

Cachito, cachito, cachito mio
Little bit, litle bit, mine little bit
pedazo de cielo que Dios me dio
piece of heaven that God gave me
te miro y te miro y al fin bendigo
I look at you, and look at you and at the end I bless
bendigo la suerte de ser tu amor
I bless the luck of being your love

Me preguntan que por qué eres mi cachito
They ask me why are you my little bit
y yo siento muy bonito al responder
and I feel very nice when answering
que porque eres de mi vida un pedacito
that because your are of my life a little piece
al que quiero como a nadie he de querer
which I love as nobody else should I ever love

Refrain (2x)

Cachito, cachito mio
Litle bit, mine little bit
tú eres el amorcito de mamá y de papá
You are the little-love (sweetie) of mama and papa


A tu lado yo no sé lo que es tristeza
By your side I dont know what sadness is
y las horas se me pasan sin sentir
and hours go by without feeling (realizing)
tú me miras y yo pierdo la cabeza
you look at me and I loose my head
y lo unico que puedo es repetir:
and the only thing I can [do] is to repeat:


I guess he might have sung this song for a baby...

Algunas palabras - Some words

cacho = bit, piece, part
mio = mine
pedazo = bit, piece
cielo = heaven
Dios = God
dar = to give
mirar = to look, to watch
fin = end
bendecir = to bless
suerte = luck
ser = to be
amor = love
preguntar = to ask
sentir = to feel, sense
bonito = beatiful, nice
responder = to answer, respond
por qué = why
porque = because
vida = life
como = like, as
nadie = nobody
querer = to want
lado = side
tristeza = sadness
hora = hour
pasar = to pass, to go by
perder = to loose, miss
cabeza = head
unico = unique, only one
repetir = to repeat


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