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12 April 2008

Cenizas (Ashes) by Toña La Negra* (Mexico)

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Cenizas (Ashes) by Toña La Negra* (Mexico)
Traduccion: Laura (with Bruce´s help)

Despues de tanto soportar la pena de sentir tu olvido,

After so much standing the grief of feeling your oblivion (feeling that you forgot me)
Despues que todo te lo dio mi pobre corazon herido,
After that my poor wounded heart gave you everything
Has vuelto a verme
you has come back to see me
para que yo sepa de tu desventura
for me to know about your misfortune
Por la amargura de un amor
for the bitterness of a love
igual al que me diste tu.
similar to the one you gave to me

Ya no podre ni perdonar
Now I wont even be able to forgive
ni darte lo que tu me diste
nor give you what you gave me
Has de saber
you should know
que en un cariño muerto no existe rencor
that in a dead love, grudge doesnt exist

Y si pretendes
And if you intend
remover las ruinas que tu mismo hiciste
to stir the ruins that you yourself created
Solo cenizas hallaras
just ashes you will find
de todo lo que fue mi amor.
of everything that was my love

(Repetir todo) (Repeat all)

(*) Her real name was Maria Antonieta del Carmen Peregrino Alvarez. Toña is a short name for Antonia/Antonieta. She was Mexican, from Veracruz, where the Spanish brought African slaves, so she was a mixture of races. She was proud of her heritage and that is why she called herself La Negra "the black".
Alternative translation (more poetic but less accurate). It is not mine, I got form the net...

After shouldering
the grief of your abandonment,
After everything my broken heart
gave to you.
You have come back,
So that I know if your misfortune,
The bitter result of a "love"
just like you offered me.

I am not capable of forgiving,
or returning what little you gave to me
You will learn, that a dead affection
doesn't hold any grudges

And if you intend,
to rebuild the ruins that you created,
Only Ashes will you find,
Of everything that was my love.

Algunas palabras (some words)

dio, darte, diste, verb. dar = to give
has vuelto, verb. volver = to come back, return
sepa, verb. saber = to know
podre, verb. poder = can, to be able
existe, verb. existir = to exist
pretendes, verb. pretender = to intend, try, hope, pretend
hiciste, verb. hacer = to do, make
hallaras, verb. hallar = to find
fue, verb ser = to be

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