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29 April 2008

Eres Tonto (You are an idiot) by El Canto del Loco (The song/singing of the crazy/mad) (Spain)

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Eres Tonto (You are an idiot) by El Canto del Loco (The song/singing of the crazy/mad) (Spain) Translation: Laura

Esta historia que te cuento es como un grito
this story that I am telling you is like a scream
Una voz desesperada que grita pidiendo auxilio
a desperate voice that screams asking for help
Auxilio por no ver nada que me llene en el camino
help for not seeing anything that fills me up in the way
Auxilio por ver que hay mucha falta de cariño
help for seeing that there is a lot of love missing
Me paro y me pregunto por qué no vives
I stop and ask myself why are you not living
Rodeado de mas verdad y buscando desequilibrio
surrounded of more trues and searching unbalance
Que te llene de valor y que te quite del suicidio
that fills you with courage and that takes you away from suicide
No tener que depender para sentirte mas querido
not having to be dependent to feel yourself more loved

Estribillo 1 (Refrain)
Usando menos el coco (1) y un poquito mas la piel
using less the head and a little bit more the skin
Ya que somos lo que somos y si no lo quieres ver
given that we are what we are and if you dont want to see it
Eres tonto!
you are an idiot!
Si no te gustas es que no estás vivo
if you dont like yourself is because you are not alive
Eres tonto!
you are an idiot!
Pero eso es algo que nació contigo
but this is something that was born with you

Estribillo 2
Y mañana al despertar, saltar de la cama
and tomorrow when you wake up, to jump from bed
Luchar tu mañana, mirar a la cara
to fight your morning, to look at the face
Que no eres nada
that you are nothing
Eres tonto!
you are an idiot!
Salir a la calle sin la tonteria
go out to the street without the foolishness
Sacando de dentro entera tu vida
taking out from within your whole life
Entera tu vida
your whole life

Parece que esta de moda ir de tontito
it seems that is fashionable to play dumb
Aparentar ser la persona que siempre tu habias querido
to pretend being the person that you always wanted
¿Por qué no te quieres aunque sea solo un poquito?
why dont you love yourself even just a litle bit?
¿Por qué no eres tu mismo y no algo parecido?
why are not yourself and not something similar?

Estribillo 1

Estribillo 2
Eres tonto!
you are an idiot!

Estribillo 2

(1) coco = cabeza. Usar el coco (to use the coconut) means to think.

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