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29 April 2008

Nosotros (Us) by Eydie Gorme y Los Panchos (Mexico)

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Nosotros (Us) by Eydie Gorme y Los Panchos (Mexico)
Translation: Laura

Listen (pay attention) to me
Quiero decirte algo
I want to tell you something
que quizá no esperes
that perhaps you are not expecting
doloroso tal vez
painful maybe

listen to me
Aunque me duele el alma
even my soul hurts
yo necesito hablarte
I need to talk to you
y así lo haré
and so I will

que fuimos tan sinceros
that were so sincere
que desde que nos vimos
that since we saw each other (since we met)
amándonos estamos
loving each other we are

que del amor hicimos
that from love we made
un sol maravilloso
a wonderful sun
romance tan divino
so divine romance

Estribillo 1
que nos queremos tanto
that we love each other so much
debemos separarnos
we must separate
no me preguntes más
dont ask me more

Estribillo 2
No es falta de cariño
is not lack of love
Te quiero con el alma
I love you with my soul
Te juro que te adoro
I swear to you that I adore you
y en nombre de este amor
and in the name of this love
y por tu bien te digo adiós
and for your sake I say goodbye

Estribillo 1
Estribillo 2



yellahfellah said...

Hi! I am really glad I came across your blog while looking for the lyrics of some Spanish songs of Eydie Gorme (y Trio Los Panchos). My father used to listen to these songs when I was a little boy and I now find that I like them, too. I remember my father used to sing them out loud to us whenever he played them. However, in order to appreciate them better, it would be best to know what the songs really mean. And since I am not really Spanish and only understand a little, your translations are a big help. I am still looking for the other songs which my father used to listen to such as "Malagueña", "Guantanamera", "Besame Mucho" and others... The problem is that I don't remember the versions that my father had since a lot of singers have sung these songs. I guess I'll have to look for my father's old LPs which my mother has hidden away somewhere...
Anyway, thank you again! You are a heaven-sent!

jess said...

thank you for posting the lyrics to these beautiful, enchanting songs.

Anonymous said...

Gracias con blogs como el tuyo nos ayudas mucho.
Los que estamos aprendiendo Ingles te lo agradecemos!