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19 April 2008

Sin ti (Without you) by Los Panchos (Mexico)

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Sin ti (Without you) by Los Panchos (Mexico)
Translation: Laura

Sin ti,
Without you
no podre vivir jamas.
I could not ever live
Y pensar que nunca mas
And thinking that never again
estaras junto a mi.
you will be by my side

Sin ti,
Without you
que me puede ya importar?,
what else can matter to me?
si lo que me hace llorar,
when what makes me cry
esta lejos de aqui
is away from here

Refrain 1
Sin ti,
Without you
no hay clemencia
there is no merci
en mi dolor.
in my pain
La esperanza de mi amor
The hope of my love
te la llevas por fin.
you finally take away

Refrain 2
Sin ti,
Without you
es inutil vivir,
is useless to live
como inutil sera,
as useless will be
el quererte olvidar
wanting (trying) to forget you

Refrain 1

Refrain 2

Algunas palabras (Some words)

Podre, Puede, verb. Poder = can, to be able
Vivir = to live
Pensar = to think
Estaras, Esta, verb. Estar = to be
Hace, verb. hacer = to do, to make
Llorar = to cry
Hay, verb. haber = to have
llevas, verb. llevar = to carry, to take away
Sera, verb. ser = to be
Quererte, verb. querer = to want, to love
Olvidar = to forget


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This song was beloved my my Dad, since he passed I didn't know all the words but now thx 2 ur awesome translation I do and I feel a little closer to my dad :)) thanx 4 this good translation, which isn't always easy to find online!!