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11 May 2008

La gata bajo la lluvia (The (female) cat under the rain) by Rocío Durcal (Spain)

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La gata bajo la lluvia (The (female) cat under the rain) by Rocío Durcal (Spain)
Translation: Laura

Amor, tranquilo, no te voy a molestar.
(my) love (1), dont worry, I am not going to upset/disturb you
Mi suerte estaba echada (2), ya lo sé.
My die was cast (my luck/fate was decided), I already know
Y sé que hay un torrente dando vueltas por tu mente.
And I know that there is a torrent spinning around your mind (head).

Amor, lo nuestro (3) solo fue casualidad,
(my) love, ours (our thing) was just coincidence
la misma hora, el mismo boulevard.
The same hour, the same boulevard
No temas, no hay cuidado (4),
Dont be sacared, dont worry
no te culpo del pasado.
I dont blame you on the past (on what happened)

Estribillo (Refrain)
Ya lo ves, la vida es asi;
You see (it), life is like this
tú te vas y yo me quedo aquí.
You leave and I saty here
llovera y ya no seré tuya.
It will rain, and I wont be yours
seré la gata (5) bajo la lluvia
I will be the (female) cat under the rain

y maullare por ti.
And I will miaow for you

Amor, lo sé, no digas nada (6), de verdad.
(my) love, I know, dont say anything, really
si ves alguna lagrima, perdon.
If you see any tear, sorry
ya sé que no has querido hacer llorar un gato herido.
I know that you didnt want to hurt a wounded cat

Amor, si alguna vez nos vemos por ahí,
(my) love, if sometime we see each other somewhere (if we ever meet out there)
invitame a un café y hazme el amor.
Invite me to a coffee and make me love
y si ya no vuelvo a verte, ojala (7) que tengas suerte.
And if I dont see you again, I wish (I hope) you have luck

Estribillo (x2)

(1) In Spanish is common to use words as: AMOR (love), CIELO (heaven), VIDA (life), CORAZON (heart) to name our lover.
(2) La suerte está echada = the die is cast. It means that the fate has taken charge over my life.
(3) Lo nuestro = ours (our thing), meaning our involvement, our relationship.
(4) No hay cuidado = literally means “there is no care”, but what it means here is “you don’t need to have care, you don’t need to worry”. Is difficult to translate…
(5) gato = male cat; gata = female cat
(6) In Spanish we use double negative sentences: No digas nada (don’t say nothing). Conceptually, it is wrong, as if you don’t say nothing, then you are saying something...
So we say "No sé nada: I dont know nothing", "No quiero nada, I dont want nothing" or the positives "Sé algo, I Know something", "Quiero algo, I want something" or “Di algo, say something”.
(7) Ojalá = I hope something happen; let´s hope so!
La palabra "ojalá" viene del árabe لو شاء الله (law sha'a Allah) "si Dios quisiera".
The word “ojalá” derives from Arabic لو شاء الله (law sha'a Allah) "if God would will".



Jacky said...

Thanks a lot for translating this song. I love it so much.

Besides Rocio Durcal, Lucero's version is awesome too. The feeling is totally different.

Marushka said...

Pleas explain the significance (not literal meaning, I know that) of "la gata bajo la lluvia" Thanks